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This site is dedicated to the EMPOWERMENT of my beautiful sisters over the age of 40, who are seeking to make a change in their life!

We, The Power Team, believe that if the age 40-plus woman is too not only survive but to thrive in this brave, new world, she must make BOLD changes.

These new changes must be consistent with the rapidly changing pace of our patriarchal society. No longer are we living in the 60's, ladies. We baby-boomers and post baby-boomers are being presented with the opportunity and the challenge to create a brand new societal structure that will both support and defend our values, our strengths, our courage, and our sensuality.

This website is devoted to every 40-plus woman who is wanting to make a change that will ultimately propel them towards the 'liberating joy' they have been searching for most of their adult life. Your "Great Awakening" awaits!

Many of you have already read my cutting-edge, best-selling book, The POWER of the TITZ... a woman's journey back to her self, and know that I have talked extensively about the importance of finding your own little girl, who still resides within, so that you can learn to live, laugh, love, and play, once again. So, take your cute, giggly, child-self with you as you explore the different departments of our website.

For those of you who have not yet had the good fortune to read my remarkable and informative book, click on "About The Book", where you can easily download it or purchase it in its' paperback form. It is a MUST READ for you, my 40-plus sisters, if you are serious about making changes, and, if you are tired of the lies you have been presented with from the day of your birth.


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of every age 40-plus female you know and care about, so that she can make the changes necessary for her own survival in this brave, new world!

Also, don't forget to explore the awesome WIG site, and, for those of you who wish to obtain an autographed picture or purchase a beautiful, rare, original oil painting, don't leave this home page until you check out my RAC!

Now, any questions?? Read our answers to questions that have been previously asked, or, ask away on our Q & A!!

I wish you the very best on your life journey,

Xandra "Sunny" Moon

5% of proceeds from book sales will go to helping women and children in need, and another 5% will go back into the Semi-Truck Driving Industry.

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